Anaborapi annually organizes several days dedicated to the exhibition of Piedmontese cattle, during which the animals are evaluated and classified, and various activities are conducted.

The purpose of these events is to promote the breed's dissemination and publicly highlight the selective progress achieved. Exhibitions, competitions, and other official events involving cattle registered in the Herd Book must be organized according to the technical regulations.

The official Herd Book exhibitions are categorized as follows: National
(organized directly by Anaborapi)
Regional, Interprovincial, and Provincial
(organized by local Breeders' Associations in collaboration with Anaborapi)


The evaluation of animals participating in official exhibitions is entrusted to Breed Judges. The qualification of a judge is granted based on the acquisition of specific training through participation in theoretical/practical training courses organized by the Association.

Breed Judges evaluate and classify the subjects participating in the official Herd Book exhibitions, comment on and describe the morphological characteristics of Piedmontese breed subjects during official exhibitions and/or trade shows. Judges are also assigned any duties of assistance and secretarial work during exhibitions, meetings, and trade shows.

Anaborapi, through the Breed Judges, collaborates and supports municipal administrations in organizing exhibitions and fairs featuring Piedmontese cattle, providing rankings and related commentary.