This service represents an opportunity for cattle breeders who wish to maximize the genetic value of their animals and optimize reproductive management. Entrusted to specialized technicians, this service offers a tailored solution for each herd, taking into account the specific needs of the breeder and the desired genetic outcomes.

Upon request, our specialized technicians carefully select a group of highly qualified bulls. These bulls are then assigned to specific groups of cows (replacement heifers, rearing heifers, heifers, and bull dams).

Subsequently, by analyzing genetic indices and the breeder's objectives, tailored matings are created for each cow, allowing for advanced planning and precise management of their reproductive activity.


To ensure maximum convenience, all details of the planned matings are made available through our online platform, WebGap, which also optimizes the recording of inseminations. Breeders can access this platform from any device with an internet connection.

In summary, our service is a personalized solution that leverages the expertise of specialized technicians to optimize cow reproduction, improve the genetic value of future calves, and simplify reproductive management for breeders.