La Casa della Piemontese is the first museum dedicated to a cattle breed in Italy and the second of its kind in Europe, following the Maison du Charolais in Charolles. In the Burgundy region, Saône-et-Loire department, the Maison has become a must-visit for breeders, tourists, and food enthusiasts. This is the same national ambition for the House of the Piedmontese.

The setup, designed and created by artist Livio Taricco, emerged from over three years of research aimed at collecting and organizing archival photos and videos, recording interviews, moments of rural life, veterinary checks, letters, meeting minutes, as well as tools, devices, and objects that narrate the past and confirm the present of the most widespread native cattle breed in Italy.

Based on field experiences and in line with ethnic museology principles, the exhibition was built on the dialogue between memory and imagination, that is, the interplay between innovation and tradition. These complementary perspectives, while not definitive, reflect each other and aim to provide a comprehensive view of the Piedmontese Cattle Breed.


Currently, the museum is accessible exclusively for guided group tours (minimum 15 people)
with mandatory reservation at least 10 days in advance.
Check availability by calling 3319883096 or emailing
Closed during July and August.


€7 per person

tasting included

GROUPS (15+ people)

€5 per person

tasting included




Ground Floor

A multimedia pathway guides visitors to discover a unique breed, from its ancient history to modern breeding techniques, from barn work to the exceptional qualities of its meat.

Thanks to numerous interactive multimedia contributions, the visit caters to all types of audiences, ranging from technical topics to more general ones.

After an introduction on the centuries-old relationship between humans and cattle, the ground floor is dedicated to the world of breeders. From moments of rural life with a suggestive reproduction of the “barn of the past” to the illustration of new production technologies.

First Floor

The first floor hosts a guided tasting space under the theme “cooking & tasting.”

Staff prepare the famous Piedmontese meat right before the visitors’ eyes. This meat is among the most prized in the world, known for its gastronomic and nutritional qualities.

In addition to tastings, visitors can learn about certification systems, recognize meat cuts, and understand their preparation and consumption methods.

This floor also functions as a conference room, being well-suited to host various types of events.



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