The morphological evaluation of Piedmontese cattle is exclusively conducted by Breed Inspectors. All characteristics subject to evaluation, as well as the methodologies applied for this purpose, are authorized by the Central Technical Commission.

There are distinct morphological evaluations for breeders (bulls and first-calf heifers) conducted at members’ farms and the morphological evaluations of bulls at the end of the trial at the Genetic Center.

Morphological evaluation includes one or more of the following assessments:

  • Verification of breed characteristics
  • Linear description of the subject
  • Assignment of the overall score
  • Measurement of additional traits established by the C.T.C.

Phenotypic characterization (as part of the I-BEEF project) aims to uniquely identify and characterize the Piedmontese breed concerning key traits, namely size, musculature, skeletal finesse, and limb structure.


The qualification of an inspector is granted based on the acquisition of specific training through participation in courses organized by the Association. Breed Inspectors are knowledgeable about the Implementation Regulation of the genetic program and its annexes. They are also trained in the principles of morphological evaluation, the elements of zoognostics and anatomy, and the principles of animal genetic improvement and selection schemes. Additionally, they are aware of and actively participate in activities conducted by ANABORAPI.